Meet the Webmistress

What’s this whole thing about?

I decided to make a website in 2018 around when deviantart started getting rid of all their customisation coding profile stuff. I was getting so tired of all the customisation and creativity of the internet that I grew up with getting sucked out of it. So I moved here and made this! I’m still very upset about social media and what the internet is now. I hate being censored by big corporations and squished into a stupid box. I don’t want to live in fear that one day that corp will wipe my digital presence off the face of the earth with no regard for history or preservation just because I'm not making them enough money. I wanna swear and talk about anime and be cringe and put glitter gifs everywhere!!!

The golden age of the internet is over, but I’ll still be here on my dinky little website. Doing my best to preserve internet history, promoting creativity online and teaching the next generation of internet users how we got to where we are. And I’ll keep on fighting the losing battle for a more creative and uncensored internet that can be preserved and treated like the important portion of human culture that it is. And I hope you’ll do the same.

If you want to feel a bit more of that emotion that led me to create this, and causes me to continue on my mission, check out this page! Have fun out there!

Age: 21

Pronouns: she/her

Star sign: cancer

Blood type: red

My Likes: Vintage girls toys, old web, anime, vintage fashion, kawaii fashion, pop punk, creaming soda, dogs, frogs, dolls, anime figures

Favourite characters!!