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Hi! Welcome to AllyRat World! This is my personal website away from the horrors of social media. There's a bit of all sorts here, I hope to be able to update it more in the near future. Please enjoy your stay!

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Review: Shin Devilman

Hi again!!! Welcome to the second installment of the DevilBlog!! Today’s review is of the previously discussed Shin Devilman (1979).
Shin Devilman was the first official Devilman spin off/sequel following the manga. It follows Akira and Ryo at some point in the middle of their canon journey taking some time off to go time traveling. Ryo suddenly develops time travel powers, as well as the ability to smell demons. The manga very much focusses on Ryo and takes on a more episodic, lighthearted tone. It’s also preeeetty racist and antisemetic, but don’t let that put you off. (Contender for the worst sentence I’ve ever written? Perhaps.) It’s also fucking hilarious. And very homoerotic. Coming in at only 1 volume with 5 chapters it’s also a very quick read. Lemme break it down for you.

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