My sewing adventures!!

I'm learning to sew! My mum is teaching me and I'm slowly getting there but boy sewing sure is hard. This is where I will post clothing that I've made (with varying degrees of success and my mums help). My idea is that you'll be able to see my progress as a sewer and idk designer? I like using second hand patterns, particularly ones from the 80s as not only do I like the style but I find older patterns fit my body better than newer ones. The older patterns seem more forgiving to an hourglass bodyshape while more modern patterns I s2g are designed like potato sacks for men without hips. I also use a lot of second hand fabric bc baby im broke i have no money i can't afford new fabric if its not on sale and it's not always on sale!!!

Please open images in a new tab to look at them full size!!

90s shorts

Super cool ass 90s Fresh Prince of Bel Air type shorts made from thrifted material and pattern. They're nice n comfy. This fabric was a really great find.

Striped duvet crop top & polka dot skirt!

I made this crop top and skirt set out of a $3 op shop duvet cover. The pattern i used was an 80s pattern which included both items! It's a sweet little summer outfit, I'm really happy with it! While making this I learned how to make bias binding and put pockets into things (yes the skirt has pockets). It took a LOT longer to make than it should have due to my sewing machine having tension problems. The fabric gives me big Fresh Prince Of Bel Air vibes

donut dress

Donut dress I made with a heavy brand new fabric which was half price. I used a 70s pattern but shortened it a lot making it into a mini dress. It also shrunk in the wash afterwards so now it's REALLY mini lolol. My boyfriend took me out for donuts on its first outing.

Cherry pinafore + sailor shirt

The pinafore I made with a lot of help from my mum for my yearly local convention. Using leftover fabric I also made matching wristcuffs and hair bows. I needed a lot of help from mum for the buttons which I hadn't done before and because a few weeks before the con I suddenly lost a lot of weight! So she had to drastically take it in for me :'D. Since I've started making my own clothes I've tried to make sure I eat both regularly and in moderation so that I don't suddenly gain/lose weight and no longer fit my nice clothes. The sailor shirt I bought from Aliexpress and then customized with lace and created my own bow on the front of it with resin, chains etc.