Development Diary, Week 7


1400 ~ MASSIVE BREAKTHROUGH!!!!! I got an email back from my original (and preferred) printing company!!! I have altered one of my designs slightly and emailed them back. Hopefully I'll be able to get both versions of Dying Animal printed but if not I'll at least get the white version printed!!! Which means I'll have designs to sell at my exhibition!!!!!!! Here's the updated version of the black design. Sadly I can't afford the tri coloured sleeves so I had to change them to white, but maybe one day i can reissue the design and I'll be able to afford them. The new version of the black one also has only 2 colours so if it is possible to split the minamum order between two designs it'll be even cheaper ehehehe.

Hours worked: 4 hours


1850 ~ Started sketching out my first posted. I'm starting with the Dying Animal design first as that's the one I'll get to have printed for the exhibition (hopefully).

Hours worked: 2 hours


1553 ~ What a shocker yet another week with minamal work done. Except I at least have excuses this time. weekend-thru-monday I was busy with commission work which was very nice to have! And then on Tuesday I got my first covid shot but it's made me a little under the weather so I didn't get a huge amount done yesterday or today. I got two hours done yesterday both illustrating and communicating with the manu but after my shot i just crawled into bed and didnt get out lol. Today I also got illustration work done as seen below. I have decided to have 24 white sweatshirts printed. Sadly I couldn't split the two black and white colourways due to the designs being a little different, oh well! Hopefully the manu will get back to me very soon so i can pay them and my shirts can be made!!!

Hours worked: 3 hours