Development Diary, Week 7


1500 ~ Wow week 7 already. We're offically past the product development stage and into the production/packaging/marketing stage. I still haven't heard back from my possible manufacturer about a quote, I've sent them a reminder email. If they don't respond by Wednesday I'm going to have to contact someone else.


1620 ~ OK. I need to figure out what I'm actually doing for this phase of the project. I have my 4 main items designed. I need to make a list of stuff to do in this phase. What stuff do I need to present my line? This week was meant to be the last week of printing for my shirts but my company still hasn't responded to me. The only phase I have left on the gantt chart is "manufacture", so putting everything together for the final exhibition basically. I should make a list of what I need to design okokok.
I had originally wanted to do photoshoots of the real life items of clothing, but as my printing is up in the air I think I might try doing illustrations of people wearing my clothing!. I've seen examples of this in promo images and illustrations for lolita fashion releases. I'm gonna try find some to describe what I mean.

If I find any more examples of this concept I'll add them, but I want to do this! It makes up for all of my issues with covid interfeiring with my printing.

Hours worked: 2 hours


1940 ~ This week just disappeared. I'm gonna combine yesterday and today's workload into one day as I forgot to update the journal yesterday. I've basically been getting everything ready for the assessment 2 deadline EVEN THOUGH it's been extended I'd rather get it out of the way and move onto getting everything finished for the (basically final) deadline in 4 weeks. I have my presentation finished and am almost done compiling all of my submission files, I want them done for the original deadline. I want to try to keep on track as much as possible, it doesn't matter if a few wheels fall off as long as we get to the finish line on time!

Hours worked yesterday: 5 hours (estimate)

Hours worked today!: 4 hours