Development Diary, Week 6


1500 ~ WEEK SIX OH GOD OH FUC OH SHID Week 6 is the furthest out on my gantt chart that I've allocated for designing the shirts which will be manufactured. Meaning I need to get at LEAST 1 more sweater design and any other product I want manufactured in time for the exhibition finished and be requesting a quote this week!!! (Even if we are unable to have an exhibition I will still go ahead with this timeline as long as possible). Luckily we will be moving to level 3 on Tuesday at midnight meaning on Wednesday I will be requesting a quote from the manufacturer I would like to use! I'm gonna make a little to-do list for this week as I really have to get my A into G after becoming so behind due to personal issues over the past two weeks.
I thiink I might try requesting a quote on the 1st sweater now. I really love the Dying Animal design and it's also the one I've gotten the most feedback of "please let me buy this" on so it's probably the best bet.
1610 ~ So I couldn't find what I needed in their quote forum and I had wayy too many questions so I've decided to email them. I've been drafting an email for a while now. I'm so nervous haha
1630 ~ OK I finally managed to get the email written and SENT!!! I'm really hoping I can get the sweaters printed for under $1000 but I stated by budget as $1500 because I believe it will probably land somewhere within the range of $1200. But that's fine. Though, looking forwards now I don't think I don't know if I'll be able to get shirts and sweaters done. My goal for printing now is 1 sweater design printed and 1 shirt design printed OR 1 sweater design printed and a series of stickers. As well as my 4 shirt/sweater designs and a button up shirt design mocked up digitally and mock pre-order materials designed. Oh and of course swing tags printed for the shirts.

Hours worked: 1 hour, 30 minutes


1620 ~ Today has been a bit of a bust, so far at least. I'm having trouble coming up with an idea for my final hoodie. Being in lockdown has been a real pain in the ass as I usually come up with ideas while I'm out and about and then sketch them out when I get home in the evening. Right now I'm thinking of something either gyaru themed or mushroom themed. If I manage to come up with anything worth reporting I'll be back. 1700 ~ OK I have a concept I like, something blue mushroomy. I'll properly draw it tomorrow but hey I have an idea now!!!

Hours worked: 4 hours


1630 ~ I worked a lot on my final sweater design today, and I'm finally happy with my concept for it. It's inspired by native blue mushrooms. I wanna have cute little cartoon mushrooms going down the sleeves, this might look cool on a crop top! But I don't know the dimensions for a crop top. I also haven't heard back about my quote yet but I don't expect to get a response until level 3.

Hours worked: 4 hours


1700 ~ My final sweater design is well underway!! I've decided to just do one colourway for this design and the purple/blue just looks SO good. I've got the frnt illustration finished and now I just need to do the sleeves, I want to have cute little mushrooms going down the sleeves.

1840 ~ Finished my final sweater design!!!!! Tomorrow I need to start putting stuff into my presentation and see about designing a button up (that will not be manufactured lol).

Hours worked: 6 hours