Development Diary, Week 5


1650 ~ Sorry for being so late to start. I've been working on my other class this week. Today (even tho it's late) I want to get another Tshirt planned out. I have 1 tshirt and 1 hoodie designed so far so I'm halfway through my shirt designs. I've also decided I won't get any button up shirts printed as manufacture is wayyy out of my budget right now haha. My friends suggested I do a design with aliens as they really like aliens so that's what I'm gonna do.
1730 ~ I can't come up with anything to design. I'm really scared as to if i will finish this assignment. I only have 2 designs made and I need to be getting stuff printed this week. I'm really scared I'm going to fail this assignment.

I might have to give it another go tomorrow. All I really know is I want to do a square design this time.

Hours worked: 1 hour


1230 ~ Started on an alien themed design that I'm actually liking this morning. I'm thinking of making this design monochrome. I also had an idea for the labels on the shirts, why not just get a stamp made of the info instead of paying to have it printed on by a company. I can just one time pay for a big info stamp and some little stamps of what size it is. Then all I'll ever have to pay for again is the ink! This is something I should really look into designing.
took at break at 1430

Hours worked: 2 hours


1600 ~ Popping back in!!! I finally finished a design for this week. I will admit I didn't get anywhere near as much done as I should have. But I got the totaly minamum done of a single new design and with 3 cool colourways!!! So hey it's not all bad. Here is the design

On the black design the black parts are transparent so only the white bits are printed on! I think that will look really really cool. I've been playing around with having the shirt be a part of the design.

Hours worked: 4 hours