Development Diary, Week 4


1145 ~ My feedback today was basicly just... Keep drawing and make as many cool designs as possble for the next two weeks. Then in week 6 decide which ones I want and send them off for printing. This workbook is gonna look really boring for the next two weeks haha.


0940 ~ After two days of not getting any work done I'm back!!! Today I'll be starting my 2nd shirt design. I think this one will be a sweater design. I kinda wanna do an isometric room line drawing. I saw some cool ones a few days ago but I forgot to save them or anything. If I find them again I'll dump them here. But for now I'm goin research/brainstorming on what I wanna draw. Or maybe something magical girl themed.
1140 ~ wow I was slow comin up with this one. Here's my sketch page. I'm goin with the one that is indicated to. I think on the sleeves I'll put the broche on her bow.

1820 ~ I forgot to update on this, but I worked on it on and off all day, nearly got the entire front illustration done in one day!!! Tomorrow I'll finish up this illustration and create the pattern for the sleeves (I also need to uhh figure out how the hell to do that). I also wanna try making two colourways for this design, as opposed to my 1st design that is just on two different shirts.

Hours worked: 6 hours


I'm writing this on the 18th, I worked on my shirt design for liiike 3 hours and nearly finished the shirt design. I got two colourways done, might do a 3rd. I forgot to update this due to the covid news we got so yeah! That's it. You'll see update pics under the 18th because I might as well

Hours worked: 3 hours


0940 ~ Good morning lockdown!!!! Here are my 2 finished colourways
Red on black

Black on white

Please do not these aren't the pantone colours yet, I still need to go through the painful process of deciding on them ;;; Talking to a friend who designs/sells shirts she said she just uses plain old RBG and it comes out fine. I think I'll do these shirts in RGB with no pantone colours and see what the colour matching of the place I'm ordering shirts from is like. A bit of an experiment and it also lets me get this design done faster. Yeah. I think I'll do with that.
1130 ~ Here are the mockups I made of the designs. Hopefully these are useful for showing the manufacturer what I want done. I really hope it's possible!!! Though it's always best idea to go into anything thinking it isn't possible and will be denyed so I've done my best to make a design that will stand up without the arms and even at a much smaller size.

Here's the shirt I plan on using btw"
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