Development Diary, Week 1


1800 Today I worked for 4 hours on my logo trying to remake it in Illustrator and I found many many ways for it not to work, but not the way to actually make it work. I don't really have anything to show for it, except that I have nooo idea how to do anything that isn't playing with text or vectorizing in illustrator. But I'll learn, I better get onto it after putting it off for 2 years. Here's a screenshot I took of my logo, I have everything done except for the distortion on the radioactivity symbol, that's what I stuggled with hah.

In other news I got some excellent feedback today! My classmates and lecturers like my logo and would like me to try experimenting with it more to make sure I've pushed it as far as possible. They all like my designs and basically want me to continue with them so I shall do just that.

Hours worked: 4 hours


1500 ~ This week so far I appear to have been really bad at updating this diary haha. But I have got my first clean go at my logo finished!!! I'll revisit it on Monday to make sure I'm happy with it but so far it's looking super polished. Below are some work in progress pictures and then of course my current working logo.

Now an issue I'm facing is due to my poor time keeping I don't remember when I started working on this. I know I started when class finished but when exactly that was I have no idea. I'm gonna go ahead a guess it ended at 1, so that means I worked for 2 hours probably right???

Hours worked: 2 hours


1330 ~ I did a tiny bit of work on my assessment 1 presentation last night but I dunno how much. Going to get onto mostly finishing the presentation now! Maybe if I have the motivation I'll even start on a tshirt design I thought up.

1400 ~ Finished presentation except for the gantt chart which i really need to get onto btu guhhh I don't wannna.

1630 ~ I've been drawing and drawing and trying to warm up my brain and I just can't do it. It's very frusterating!!! I can draw and design stuff when I'm given instructions on what to do very easily, but to come up with something original that I enjoy on demand is almost impossible. I wonder if this means I'm not cut out for a job in art as I have to be "in the mood" to draw something where I'm not drawing for say a client.
At the very least I got a document set up at the right size and rez to do my shirt designs when I do get around to it.

1840 ~ I FINALLY came up with a sketch I like and I think it's the coolest one I've done so far. My friends all say they would buy a shirt with a similar design to this sketch.

Hours worked:5 hours


1850 ~ Worked on the design I came up with yesterday. Really I just spent ages slaving away over the lineart (and I couldn't be bothered figuring out the 2nd leg's anatomy or the hand yet so I worked on easier bits haha). I also make her naked I guess?? idk it looked cooler with her naked for some reason. I started working after I got home from town sooo that should be around 3?? let's say I worked from 3. I really REAllY need to remember to note down when I start working. This is such a bad habit ;0; anyway here's how the shirt is looking so far. This is a raster illustration at 4479x6300px and 350dpi which is slightly larger than the required area for the tshirt. But I will also vectorise this just in case. You never know after all. Oh and the final print file will need saving as a pdf, tho I will keep a png raster version for promotional purposes!

Hours worked: 4 hours


1550 ~ Another long day of work. I started back on the shirt illustration at 1030 and have just finished, though I will need to save it as a PDF and try vectorizing it at school as I don't have any Adobe software at home. But here it is! I even got the Pantone colours for it.

Here you can see the design on both a white and dark background and on with the colour guide. My idea is for this to be printed on a white shirt and then a dark grey or black shirt. I hope to gain feedback on this design from my classmates on Thursday, though so far my friends all seem to like the design and some even expressed interest in purchasing it. Tomorrow I will just be doing my gantt chart and adding this design into my presentation. I should probably mock it up on a shirt as well but I'm tired now lol.

Hours worked: 5 hours


1235 ~ I haven't been well today. I finished up my presentation. I also removed the nudity from my shirt design as it appeared to make my classmates uncomfortable. But the bikini is cute! Hopefully it makes it less uncomfortable.

Hours worked: 1 hour