Development Diary, Week 1


1120 ~ Feedback in class was good! My (limited) classmates and lecturer liked my thematic ideas around the INFOHAZARD brand and also liked my ideas for t-shirts, sweaters, etc. The main feedback was to think of and design more items for the line, even if I am unable to get them printed and to just look at more printing stuff. I'mm be going down to look at a local screenprinting place after class today. I am liking the idea of making embroidered patches that could be sold. Enamel pins are fun too but I dunno if they'll be too much. I also need to look into getting labels made as well as packaging. Adreas really liked the idea of having custom labels in my clothing line as it'll make it just that little more professional looking. Even if they don't appear in the final active line it would be super fun to have them in any clothes at the exhibition.

More print companies to look at

All Stitched Up
Super local Whanganui company, they do embroidery as well as screen printing and sublimation. I'm rather interested in getting patches done now so they may be good to look into
Custom Teez
Another really good looking company. Their examples are excellent, they can do screen printing, heat transfer and embroidery. Their embroidered varsity jackets look god tier. They specialise in streetwear too and have done stuff for dance competitions. Might even beat out other print companies I've looked at. Based in Auckland too.

You know, I wasn't super up for screen printing at first as I thought I would probably do full colour illustrations but the more I stew over my designs for this project the simpler they become. Screen printing may end up being the cheapest option for me after all.

The Print Room
These guys also look amazing. They do screen printing, heat transfer and embroidery so like standard. But they also do tag removal and replacement! Sadly they do had quite heafty min orders, so altho these guys look like the best choice it will depend on my budget. But I would like to get a lot printed so you never know.... They're also eco friendly! Using only waterbased inks.

For screen printing the artwork needs to be ideally in vector format and have pantone colours which is what I expected. What I plan to do is create my illustration in clip studio and then bring it into illustrator on the school computers. Just makes it easier.

Time worked 1 hour


1320 ~ Finally back to working on this assignment! Today I plan to draft out my logo. I want to have a logo and some clean drafts for shirt designs done this weekend so during the week I can go into school to use Illustrator to vectorize them. As well as make my presentation of course. I'm aiming for Tuesday to be my ucol day. Of the google fonts I looked at, I really like Audiowide and Palette Mosaic. 1430 ~ I drafted up some logos. I really love all 3 of these but the one using the Doctor Glitch type is totlly my favourite. Buuut that font requires a licence for commercial use and the licence is $100 and I dunno if I wanna spent $100 on a font right now when I also need to dump some serious cash on shirt manu, buuut also I would love to pyt my logotype onto the shirts and this type is cool as hell. I'll stew on it over the weekend. For now have a look at my logos! I'll 100% pick one of these 3 to use as my final.

Here's the link to Glitch Doctor Click here!!
> And here's the link to buy it which I might have to do sadly guhhhh Click here!!!!
(took break at 1500) 1700 ~ Did more refining on possible logos. Going between Audiowide and Glitch Doctor
(break at 1720)
1900 ~ I've gotten feedback from friends and classmates. My art friends prefer the Glitch Doctor logo because it's cool. My boyfriend and his art friends prefer the Audiowide logo (gave no reason) and classmates prefer the Audiowide logo because it's easier to read. So that means I should go with Audiowide as it's obviously the better choice from my feedback. But also I wanna go with Glitch Doctor!!!!! It looks cool!!!!! I like it!!!!! But it is the worse choice in terms of what other people would like and I would have to pay for it.

I haven't got a lot of hours worth of work to show for today but I've spent the majority of the day either sitting here or pacing around looking at these two logos and himming and harring over them. It really is so hard to choose. A lot of the time I spend on a logo is just thinking about it, I don't usually spend a lot of time on the drawing or whatever at all. That makes it very problematic for an assignment where I have to fill a daily time quota.

Hours worked: 2 hours


1335 ~ I have decided to go with the Glitch Doctor logo and have perchaced the licence to the font. Lisa said the Audiowide logo looked too similar to a logo for a hoverboard company and although there is no conflict of interest that could cause a lawsuit, I was really just looking for any excuse to go with one or the other as I liked both way too much. I will be making my final vector version of the logo at school in Illustrator on Tuesday. I really don't feel like drawing today haha so I think I will move onto starting my presentation. I might be cheaky and make it in Google Slides because hey, it's easy. Like why not?
1530 ~ Still drafting up the presentation. I might do it on adobe after all who knows, but I want to get the writing done today as that's the hardest part. I'm maybe halfway through.
1630 ~ OK!! I've drafted the text of the presentation! Now I just need to put it together and find a lot of pretty images to make it look really nice. I think I might go into school tomorrow actually, there's not much I can do now until I have the logo done on the school computers except for find some cool images to use in my presentation. Except of course start designing shirts but I'm not technically meant to be doing that until next week haha

Hours worked: 3 hours, 30 minutes


1910 ~ Today was a very frusterating day. I spent a lot of time trying to sketch out designs but everything looked bad. I spent a lot of time at my desk today but don't really have anything to show for it. Hopefully I have better luck tomorrow, is all I can really say. Oh and I didn't go into school to do the logo afterall, I thought I could get feedback on it on Thursday in class before I commit to it.

Hours worked: 3 hours


1900 ~ Sketched up some actually good concepts today, one of which I 100% want to follow. I want to get some feedback before I start on polished illustrations I think.

Hours worked: 2 hours