Development Diary, Week 1


1100 ~ Hello world! This is my workbook for Design Media Studio 4 Assessment One! I’m finally getting around to sitting down and starting this assignment. Today I would like to set up my blog and get my gantt chart done at the very least. Let’s get onto it.

1220 ~ I just finished setting up a very very VERY basic blog. Real bare bones, no flashy pretty graphics right now. They'll come later as I figure out the aesthetic of the brand I'm sure. I'm also using sozai graphics to decorate my blog right now, dunno if I'll keep them or make my own at some point. Onto the gantt chart and schedule. I need to have prelim research done by August 4, all products planned out and pretty much ready for printing/manufacture by September 16 and then(to my knowledge) all products manufactured and ready for exhibition by 4 November. I don't really understand what a dry run is so I'm just gonna assume I have until then to have all my products made, I don't reeeally get the difference between assessment 3 and 4 lol. So I actually have 11 weeks and not the 15 promised ;0; OH WELL.

1400 ~ Got the Gantt chart drafted. I'm bad with charts, I also stopped for lunch. I'm not sure how thoroughly we have to map out when we do things and how long we spend on them. I hope simply putting a time stamp when I update this diary is enough.

I'll make a prettier version for the week 3 presentation of course.

Street Fashion Inspiration/Research


ACDC RAG is a Japanese street fashion brand founded in the 1980s in Harajuku with a philosophy of "No Borders" or "No Rules when it comes to fashion. They are best known for their bridgt and edgy aesthetics and constant collaborations with popular artists and popular anime series. What I really like about their stuff is their full print clothing. The giant T-shirts have print all over them and dominate an outfit. I would love to try making full printed clothing as it really stands out.


OMOCAT is an artist, illustrator, clothing and game designer known for her colourful and often bizarre Japanese pop culture inspired illustrations. I love her illustration style as well as how she places her illustrations on her garments. Especially how the prints often come down to the very bottom of the shirt and the printing on the sleeves. I'm really into sleeve printing, wonder if I can find anyone to do that for me... I also love the embroidered hats!
(took a break starting at 1530)

Hours worked approx: 3 hours, 10 minutes


1040 ~ Continuing on with street fashion research.

I adore Pepperonccini's artwork and clothing (though I have no idea how to pronounce their name). The cropped patterned shirt is by far my favourite. The style is simple and poppy and works well on clothing. I also like the stickers, many streetwear brands whos main focus of their apparel is artwork also sell stickers of their artwork. Stickers are of course a big part of street and alternate culture. You know like how you see stickers on lamp posts in areas where street kids hang out? As well as sticker bombing laptops and skateboards.

Ocean In Space

Ocean In Space leans a lot more into the "kawaii" type street fashions. Her placement on the shirts is very interesting, again I like the patterning on the sleeves and putting artwork on the back and front of the shirts. Not really related but she's also one of my most favourite artists ever.

Julie Egg

Julie Egg is another artist I admire. Her shirts are screenprinted, unlike the other shirts in this list that are either digital printed or heat transfer vinyl. I'm unsure if I would go with screenprinting, it's my 2nd favourite of the three (in order I like digital printing, screen printing and then heat transfer).


Okokok last one for now (though I could go on about my favourite artists with clothing lines forever buut) Amnyuixx is a Japanese artist and game dev who has a really unique pixel art style that takes inspiration from late 90s-early 00s visual novel art styles. They have a sickly, sticky feeling about them. Their attire is very cool, very edgy and once again has those printed sleeves I like.
(took at break starting at 1250).

1540 ~ I want to have a look into my printing options for t-shirts and sweaters. As these are the easiest and cheapest options, they'll be the ones most likely for me to actually print for the exhibition. I will also look into patterned shirt manufacture and see if it is viable at this current time. If not I will simply order fabric and make the shirts myself. I'd love to order from New Zealand manufacturers if I can (as shipping will be faster) but I am aware this may not be possible.

Kaipuna Sublimation garment printing
Kaipuna offers sublimation printing onto polyester fabric. Sublimation is a kind of printing where, unlike heat transfer or screenprinting, the fabric itself is actually dyed and the print isn't just applied onto the fabric. This is how Ocean In Space's shirts are produced! They are based in Levin so are very local and have no min order. They would be a great option if I decided to do a full coverage T. They might even be good for the button up shirts.

NZ Print shop
NZ Print shop do digital printing on cotton t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies etc. They allso have no min order! They are based in Auckland.

These guys are GREAT for stickers. I've ordered from them before and if I go through with getting stickers printed for exhibition I will totally use them. I am somewhat considering getting sticker made to be given out for free at the exhibition as a form of advertising. Some cool design that I can work my biz details into so they take it home with them.

Spoonflower If worst comes to worst with the button up shirts (and it probably will) I can order fabric from them and then make the shirts. As far as I can tell they usually take around 2 weeks to ship their fabric, considering I am in new zealand and it is a pandemic I'll double that to a month for estimate shipping time.
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Hours worked approx: 3 hours, 20 minutes


2200 ~ Did some style tests today. Didn't record when I started whoops. I'm trying to find the style I want to use for the illustrations for this project. Something of a cross over between the art fromlate 80s-early 90s toy box art and 80s manga styles. I should probably make a moodboard of what I'm talking about at some point.

Hours worked approx: 2 hours probably


1325 ~ Today I plan to get all of my moodboards and stuff like that done so that tomorrow I can maybe start on concept sketches. I will be using Canva for my moodboards because it's just so easy.
1440 ~ just had an epiffany or however you spell it. Thinking for how I should incorperate the sci fi theme, why not draw mecha girls? They're a theme popular in anime that's just girls with mecha elements. Thing Azur Lane or Frame Arms Girl. The juxtaposition between the cool scifi mecha stuff and the toy like art style I want to go for would be really interesting and I'm sure people would want it on clothes. I mean, I sure would!
Examples of Mecha girls (Obviously I don't want mine to be as otaku-y)

1540 ~ FINALLY got the moodboard done. Doing those things always takes forever due to the need to find images I can properly credit. Curse you Pinterest!!! Anyway here it is

1800 ~ I tried some drawings with mecha ideas and also some gas masks and it all ended up looking really bad and boring. Ahh I can't tell if I'm just too tired to draw or if it's just a garbage concept. maybe I should revit it in the morning.

Hours worked approx: 4 hours, 35 minutes


1100 ~ Last day of the "week"! I've decided to start the new "week" on Wednesday, before classes on Thurdsay. Hopefully that works well. Anyway! Here are some sketches I did of ideas I've kinda had for illustrations.

I'm VERY much leaning towards the gas mask aesthetic as well as a limited colour palette. Maybe like black white and 1 other colour? white and hot pink is fun in terms of lineart only. I also really need to get onto making my logo. So much to do ahhh!! Maybe I make a to-do list as to what I do next

Well that sounds like a good list! Seeing as logo is first in the list I should get onto that first then! Right now I'm envisioning a plain text logo, much like the ACDC rag logo but like,, a cooler typeface.

Some cool typefaces from google

INFOHAZARD - Dela Gothic One

INFOHAZARD - Palette Mosaic

INFOHAZARD - Staatliches


INFOHAZARD - Audiowide

I dunno if I will use any of these specific typefaces but they give you an idea of the vibe I'm going for. Maybe I could replace the O in INFO with something cool? Maybe a radioactive symbol ooohh. I kind of like the idea of having a version of it in a container as well as a free version.
(Took a break at 1420).