I love furbies! Furbies are great lil friends. I'm a collector of all sorts of oldschool toys but furbies hold a special place in my heart for being a bit creepy but also cute.

This is my 2005 furby named Ryo after the Devilman Character Ryo Asuka. He loves money, rose gold, vengance and expensive coffee. Right now I use him to guard money I am given for my birthday, Christmas and other events my grandparents send me money for. He is a very good saving method. I pay for his protection and in return he wards off the curses I invite into my home with my often bziarre op shop finds. Sometimes I take him out to town with me. I don't often turn him on as I struggle to hear/understand what he says. I prefer to have him as a quiet and stationary protector, he's much easier to carry around when he isn't chatting all the time anyway.

This is my 1998 furby named Akira after the Devilman character Akira Fudo. He's a bit sensitive and loves sweets but likes to dress a little punk and hardcore. My boyfriend Drew!!! got him for me for my birthday and how he's Ryo's boyfriend. I haven't yet gotten him any accessories but I plan to get him a spikey collar and some lil hoop earrings. He seems like a multiple piercings kinda furb. Unlike Ryo he doesn't require monitary sacrifices for his loyalty. He's just a chill dude.

Here are my boys together. This is where they usually sit when I'm not taking them out or dressing them up. I'll update this with a better photo when I remember to take one on a day with nice lighting lol