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The Realm of Sailor Energy
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Yeah I know there are a lot of sites in this box. Every cool site I find I dump it here so I can come back to it. So what? Not everybody needs to pick and choose they promote you know. This is the internet where you can have your cake and upload it too!

Interesting Videos

Timothy Dexter has excellent vibes
live action PV for Gokushufudou (The Way of the House Husband).
ろん -「おちゃめ機能」FUKKIRETA X9 (Preserved Annotations)
The Golden Age of the Internet is Over
The Yoyo Man. He just keeps on yo-ing
Flip Flappers: The End of Psychosexuality
Disney is going to end the fucking world
My little Pony costumes performing songs from the musical Dreamgirls with soul
My Dougie My Jig - Dion Conston
How to have a Wuv Luv give birth

The Yuri On Ice!!! Musical

Music videos that I vibe with

ORESAMA - オオカミハート (F.O.ver.)
Melty Land Nightmare
Yorushika - "Say It."
As You Like It - Eve
ORESAMA / 乙女シック

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Rare links

Museum About Nothing - It does what it says on the tin.
Teri Pettit's Website - An AMAZING archive of vintage paper dolls in high resolution with dates and references. There are some pages about her own life as well. Really sweet website but especially useful for a paper doll historian
Papillion Magazine - A modern gyaru magazine
Fairy Kei DIY Masterlist
Cursed Kin Assigning Machine - Assigns you a kin (legally binding)
19th century character trope genorator - Exactly what it says on the tin.
The Dog In The Clouds - A YouTube channel of the life of a rescue dog from start to end. You'll cry, I sure as hell did.
IMBB - David Penava - The IMDB page of legendary hentai director David Penava. I wonder where he is now...
Your World Of text - An infinite scrolling page of text for you to type on.
Carl's Web graphics - Some good ass old school home made just like mama used to make graphics which YOU can use on your website.
User Inyerface - Web design is my passion
Plushie Couture - Freshly made friends on Etsy
Pixel backgrounds - Cool tiling backgrounds you can use, I used them on my site!

My Christmas Mixtape - The best Christmas mixtape ever. Perfect for the whole family! Updated yearly.