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Anime Sacred Realm
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Amazing Animated Music Vids

ORESAMA - オオカミハート (F.O.ver.)
Melty Land Nightmare
Yorushika - "Say It."
As You Like It - Eve
ORESAMA / 乙女シック

Other interesting Videos

Disney is going to end the fucking world
My little Pony costumes performing songs from the musical Dreamgirls with soul
My Dougie My Jig - Dion Conston
How to have a Wuv Luv give birth

The Yuri On Ice!!! Musical

Rare links

Your World Of text - An infinite scrolling page of text for you to type on. Carl's Web graphics - Some good ass old school home made just like mama used to make graphics which YOU can use on your website.
User Inyerface - Web design is my passion
Plushie Couture - Freshly made friends on Etsy
Pixel backgrounds - Cool tiling backgrounds you can use, I used them on my site!

My Christmas Mixtape - The best Christmas mixtape ever. Perfect for the whole family! Updated yearly.

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