I am currently open for casual personal commissions. If you’re interested in hiring me for commercial purposes, freelance or have any questions about a project you might like me for please contact me! I’m open to anything.

Terms of Service

- I reserve the right to decline any commission for any reason.
- All artwork will be finished within 2 weeks (14 days) of ordering, unless it is stated otherwise while the commission is being ordered
- I do not give refunds on request, refunds will only be given if offered by me. Refunds, if offered by me will always be given in full.
- Edits may be requested, but will only be fulfilled if the error is my fault. If the error is due to a unclear or incorrect description or reference image it will be refused.
- Minor edits may only be requested within 1 week (7 days) of receiving the finished image.
- Design mistakes which are the fault of the commissioner, or later edits may be requested for $1-$5, depending on how large the edit is.
- Paid edits can only be requested within 1 month (30 days) of receiving the finished image.
- Your commission may NOT be used for commercial purposed UNLESS it is arranged with me when ordering. (This means you cannot sell prints of your commission or other merchandise of it unless discussed with me.
- You are allowed to make merchandise of your commission for personal use only. eg. acrylic charms, print a poster, t-shirt etc)
- You may submit your commission to any website only if I am credited (AllyRat)
- You may request to see the sketch
- You may request to pay after seeing the sketch
- Payment before completion is preferred, but if requested you may be able to pay within 1 week (7 days) of receiving your completed commission. A reference may be required to ensure you will not take the art and run.
- You may not make a base of your commission or post a traced image of your commission.
- You may edit your image however you like, as not as it is not a trace or a base.
- Accepted forms of payment are paypal (NZD) or New Zealand bank transfer (NZD).
- While my prices are listed in USD, I will charge you in NZD. Due to the exchange rate it may look like I am charging you more. I am charging you the NZD equivalent of the US price stated. My prices are listed in USD as most people know the exchange rate of USD to their own currency than NZD to their currency. You can check what I am charging you by using the Google currency converter.
- NSFW or sexual content is acceptable, but I am allowed to refuse to draw any content for any reason.
- Characters in NSFW artwork MUST be 18+. Aged up characters are OK but they MUST visually appear and act/be mentally 18+ (no loli/shotacon/ddlg).
- NSFW of celebrities will be declined. You MUST provide written consent from any real person you want to commission NSFW art of.
- You MUST disclose your age to order NSFW sexual content.
- I am allowed to use the commission I drew for you on your character to advertise my own commission services without explicitly stating the owner of the character (e.g, update my commission sheet with your commission)
**These terms of service may change at any time without warning. By ordering from me you agree to all terms of service.

T.O.S last updated: 1/28/2020**