These are some cool cakes I made for various purposes

Threatening donut cake

This cake I made to celebrate my friends latest art gallery opening! She painted some donuts with mouths just like this so I made her a donut cake. I'm going to be giving it to her tomorrow. I really hope she likes it! I may upload a better picture of it later.

Banana Fish Cake

Made to celebrate the airing of the final episode of the Banana Fish anime. Banana Fish's finale was one of the few times where the end of an anime coencided with a time where I was able to make something! It's a simple chocolate cake with vanilla cream (not banana ; - ; ) icing. This was also my first attempt at making chocolate figures of characters to put on cakes. This first attempt I did with a piping bag and it turned out pretty ok.

Osomatsu-San layer cake

My 18th birthday cake was this MASSIVE Osomatsu-san drizzle cake with Osomatsu-San macaroons!! It was a vanilla cake with vanilla cream icing (I like vanilla I'm boring ik). I gave a lot of it away to my friends. I had wanted a much lighter spongier cake but my mum insisted I make the heaviest creamiest cake ever. I don't actually like really heavy creamy cakes. I prefer really light cakes with whipped cream.

Osomatsu-San sugar cookies

These were to celebrate the Matsu boys birthday in 2018! I made them after school that day expecting to get to re-watch season two but then the power went out! And it stayed out all night, it was really annoying. But at least I got a picture and could enjoy some cute cookies while I waited for power to return.

Strawberry shortcake

I make these every summer :D This one has my Choromatsu figure next to it because I thought it would make it look extra cute. These are my favorite types of cake to eat.

Sailor Moon carrot cake

A carrot cake I made for my boyfriend. I also made him a Sailor Moon chocolate to go on top of it. This was my first time using pink chocolate colouring on a chocolate piece.